As of 2021, we have a network of eight church-based water plants in communities across the Dominican Republic. Each water plant is registered with the Ministry of Public Health and employs an average of five people to run water plant operations, bottle, and deliver the water. Distribution trucks enable each plant to efficiently deliver water throughout the communities and power generators help in areas that have unreliable power sources. Our Fundacìon Water Work staff assists with site selection, oversees construction, equipment purchasing, staff training, water quality testing, and community development. 

Our Fundacìon Water Work Team

Modesto "Chinito" Melo - Compliance Officer 

Juan Luis Vilorio - Director General

Rosemary Vilorio - Community Development Manager

Mariela Perez Gonzalez - Vice President

Open 10am – 4pm
Volunteer Gardening
11am – 2pm

Our Dominican Office:

Avenida Fabio Herrera #102

los Almendros, Bani, 

Peravia, Dominican Republic

Agua Villa Magante in Villa Magante

Led by Pastor Osvaldo Vilorio, Villa Magante is one of our flagship water plants. Because it's located in the mountainous northern region of the country, Magante faces a unique set of challenges including very limited water access from the city and unreliable power sources. Thankfully, in 2019 we were able to install a generator and dig a new well to alleviate both of these issues. Pastor Vilorio uses the profits from the water business to support a food ministry program and beautician program. They also help run a Compassion center. 

Agua Alvy in San Joaquin 

Of our 8 water plants, Agua Alvy in San Joaquin was the first one we established in 2013. Their greatest strength is their leadership. Pastor Alejandro Guzman is an incredible entrepreneur and pastor. He began a spin-off business making liquid soap products, thus employing more people and providing another critical product for his underserved community. 

Mision de los 7 in Doña Ana

Doña Ana's water plant (Mision de los 7) was shut down for almost 2 years awaiting a rebuild project. It finally re-opened in 2018 and by the end of 2019 became our biggest producing water plant! They are led by Pastor Santiago Infante and Pastora Marina Mateo. 

Agua Ben in Neiba

Agua Ben is operated by Pastor Manuel Aquino, one of the hardest working pastor-leaders we work with. Before receiving a distribution truck, he was delivering bottles of water on his own personal moped! In addition to thousands of community residents, Agua Ben also provides discounted water to multiple schools and free water to an orphanage in Neiba. 

Yaque del Sur in Jaquimeyes 

Yaque del Sur, the water plant at Jaquimeyes, was established in 2017 and is operated by Pastora Alfreda and her team. We are grateful to University Christian Church from California who helped fund the water plant and Gastonia First United Methodist Church from North Carolina who helped with the construction project. Yaque del Sur was upgraded in 2019 and given a new generator to alleviate the inadequate power source. 

Agua Oliva in Mella 

When Agua Oliva began operating in the remote village of Mella, the town mayor proclaimed that it was the most exciting day--even more important than when their first school opened. The plant was temporarily closed for almost two months during the COVID19 outbreak as they were awaiting upgrades, but reopened to serve their community on May, 4, 2020 under Pastor Freddy Medina's leadership. In July they received a new 29 Kwh generator which will allow them to have a consistent source of electrical power supply. That translates to more water for everyone in need! 

Fuente de Esperanza in Batey Tres

Agua Fuenta de Esperanza in Batey 3 opened just in time to help with the COVID19 crisis in 2020. The community is extremely impoverished and consists mostly of Haitians who struggle with access to healthcare, proper hygiene, and jobs. Clean water is one of their greatest needs.  We are grateful to partner with Pastor Ramon Antonio Ortiz who has been passionately serving this area since 2010.

Agua Fondo Negro in Fondo Negro

Fondo Negro was generously funded by friends from the Spokane Rotary Club South in Spokane, WA. It has a population of 3,400 and has not had running water in 40 years! The plant is opening soon and will be led by Pastor Gadys Gomez and his team. We are excited to see how God will use our newest plant to bless this community. 

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