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A Mama's Cry

Hagar thought she was going to lose her son.

They had been cast out, wandering in the wilderness, and were out of water.

Desperately dehydrated.

She couldn't stand the thought of seeing her son die. She had no other options. She cried out.

A dreadful mama's cry. I can hardly imagine.

God not only heard her, He fulfilled her need by showing her a well nearby. She gave her son water.

But God didn't just stop at earthly needs. He then confirmed another blessing:

Her son, Ishmael, would become a great nation.

God was going to use him in big ways.

An outcast. Moments from death.

God meets earthly needs, but don't be surprised when He uses you as the means to fill them for someone else.

God calls us to a life beyond ourselves, in a way that is more than we could ever ask or imagine. That's what this is all about.

Water changing lives.

Jesus changing souls.

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