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And It Is So

Whenever I read the story of creation, two things consistently grab my attention.

One is how water seemed to preceed light, check it out: "...and the Spirit of God moved upon the waters and God said let there be Light...". That was day one. Water was fundamental, just like light.

Now day two, God separates water from water.. any of y'all ever struggled to know what that means? Yeah, me too. Especially since KJV uses the word firmament (which I've never heard in my life). Anyways, NIV describes it more like separation of sky and earth.

Get this: that's crazy power! Massive! Incomprehensible! Yet, at the end of verse 7 (KJV), after that separation, it just says, "and it was so".

And it was so.

Soak that in. When you say your prayers and end with "amen" remember you're saying, "and it is so". You are trusting in the hope, and the power, and the wisdom of the God who created the heavens and the earth from nothing.

This is the God that sees you.

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