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Mision de los 7

Mision de los 7 in Doña Ana sets a new record!

After being closed for two years as they awaited an extensive rebuilding and upgrading process, Mision de los 7 in Doña Ana finally reopened in July 2019. Along with a larger building and new equipment, they also received a new distribution truck and bottles. Fully equipped and motivated to meet their community's demand for clean water, Pastora Marina and Pastor Santiago, along with their staff, have been working tirelessly and hit a new record of 5,785 bottles produced in January! We are thrilled to see their business taking off and know that there will be long lasting health and economic improvements in Doña Ana for years to come.Your continued support of Water@Work Ministry is the reason why this community is flourishing now. 

W@W Annual Retreat

Our U.S. team had the pleasure of hosting Juan Luis Vilorio, our Dominican director general of Fundacìon Water Work, during the first weekend in February. We gathered for our annual kickoff retreat which gave the executive team, board members, and volunteers an opportunity to learn more about the state of our ministry, celebrate successes, and plan for the coming year. Most importantly, it was a chance to praise God together as one body and fellowship together as co-laborers in this impactful Kingdom work. You can join us on this mission! Contact jyin@wateratworkministry for volunteering opportunities.

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