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Hope for Haiti

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Because of our business development expertise, Fundacíon Water Work has been asked to consult on a water purification project with Atlanta based nonprofit 410 Bridge in LaCroix, Haiti. Like us, 410 Bridge is a faith-based nonprofit that aims to alleviate poverty through empowering local communities. They currently have projects in Haiti, Kenya, and Guatemala. However, their knowledge of best practices for bringing clean, safe water to areas like LaCroix is limited. That's where our Director General Juan Luis Vilorio (pictured below on the left) steps in.

The water plant is still in the planning stages but upon completion, would serve upwards of 10,000 people in the community of La Croix. 410 Bridge posted an update from the community of La Croix several months ago:

"We are waiting for the installation of the water treatment facility. The community is impatient and they want to start using water from the water system. May 4th to 7th we had a training for the Wash Committee and the field employees of 410 Bridge. In the south region, we had a chance to test the water we use. This water was not safe to drink, it was full of bacteria and germs. The community is aware of the challenge and can’t wait to drink safe water."

Please pray for the success of this project as working in Haiti presents unique challenges due to social unrest, government corruption, customs delays, and lack of infrastructure and resources.

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