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Meet Devan Hailey

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

We are very excited as we look forward to 2021, aren't you? With great anticipation, Water@Work is making plans to expand our ministry and the number of people our water plants will be able to minister to in the coming months. One door that God has opened for us is the addition of a new missionary to our team, Devan Hailey. Devan volunteered as an intern with W@W in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2018. While there, he worked alongside our Dominican team and was able to see firsthand how clean water dramatically improved people's lives. That same year, he felt the Lord calling him into international missions full time. Now, equipped with a degree from North Carolina State University in Environmental Engineering and a year's worth of work experience at an environmental services company, he feels ready to take the plunge--and we are excited to see how the Lord is going to use him! He plans to deploy in April 2021. In addition to his education and work experiences that will serve him well while in the field, Devan's also been taking intensive Spanish classes and hopes to become conversationally fluent within a few months of living in the DR. He knows that a common language is key to building relationships cross-culturally.

When asked what his prayer requests are, Devan replied...

"My number one prayer request is to never lose sight of who God is and what He’s called me to do. I think if my focus is fixated towards Him, along with being humble and faithful, everything else will fall into place where He wants it to. My goal is to serve Him first, serve others second, and to be sustainable so I can continue doing the first two things.

Devan will be mentored by our director general and other full time staff in the DR. He will help with various projects at the water plants including data reporting and the expansion of our soap businesses as well as assisting our local pastors in evangelism and community outreach programs. He will also be a great liaison for our short term missions teams and communications team. We're confident that Devan will bring a lot of passion, dedication, and hard work to the field. Please consider supporting him as a monthly donor and pray that God would use him mightily. His goal is to raise $1,500/month to cover all of his costs. You can make your contributions to Devan's mission directly HERE. Monthly donations would be most helpful!

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