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New Generators and a New Generation

We are more than halfway through 2020 and although it's been a challenging season for all of us, we are incredibly grateful to continue our work throughout the most vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic. Recently, our community development manager Rosemary Vilorio visited with Cristina, Sayani, and Yadi (pictured above) in Jaquimeyes, a small town we have been serving since 2017. She spoke with them about Jesus and asked how they were doing. The children responded that they visit Pastor Alfreda's church often but they are sad because schools are closed due to COVID-19. Nowadays, they only leave home if they need to buy food or water. For the past few months they have been studying from home but struggle to get the materials from school since they live far from the city.

Until recently, the Yaque del Sur water plant in Jaquimeyes, operated by Pastor Alfreda and her team, routinely struggled to produce a consistent amount of water due to an inadequate electrical power supply (a common problem across the DR). These power problems not only limited water output but also created unpredictable work hours which caused employee turnover. Last week we were able to use the remaining funds from our Power Up Campaign to purchase new 29 Kwh diesel power generators for both Yaque del Sur and Agua Oliva.We are very excited that these water plants will now be able to run more efficiently and increase their ability to meet the needs of Cristina, Sayani, Yadi and thousands more just like them. 

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