• Kami

Redigging Wells

Issac pitched his tent where his dad, Abraham, had once dug wells.

However, the water stopped flowing there when his dad died.

I'm thinking that meant they ran dry, but Issac had his servants start digging there again.

Sure enough, water started spring up again!

But the people there fought with Issac claiming the water was theirs.

So, Issac went on to dig another. But the people there fought again that the water was theirs.

He went further off and dug. Finally he found a spring of water and kept peace with the people.

Digging in a land that had gone dry. People taking credit once he found water again. Trying and trying and finally finding peace.

Jesus can find us in our driest, darkest season. Where things are unfair and people are unjust.

If we commit to digging (and sometimes redigging) our wells in faith, He is waiting with the everlasting spring of water for us.

A forever kind of peace.

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