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W@W's COVID-19 Response

The Dominican Republic is reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 virus.  Over 2,000 cases have been confirmed and with an inadequate health care system, the situation is grim.  A dusk-to-dawn curfew is in place across the nation with some cities under a strict quarantine. Only essential businesses are allowed to operate but thankfully that includes the Water@Work water purification plants that YOU have helped to build. They are needed now MORE THAN EVER. With many unable to work, the people are struggling now to pay for food and water while they wait anxiously for the threat to end. 

What a great blessing our water plants are to these communities in this crisis!  We are grateful the Dominican government has deemed W@W plants as essential businesses and allowed our operations to continue mostly uninterrupted. Clean, safe water is being delivered daily to over 12,000 people by our church-based water plants in Doña Ana, Jaquimeyes, Villa Magante, Neiba, and Batey Tres.  Along with the water the churches bring the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace that passes understanding.  

In May, our pastors met via a Zoom call to brainstorm how to help their communities during this crisis. Two ideas they developed and quickly implemented quickly were adding messages of encouragement and Bible verses on water bottles and preaching outdoors to encourage social distancing. Mision de los 7 is using profits from water sales to provide free food to the neediest in their community. Our newest water plant at Fondo Negro has not yet opened, but its team is already conducting street evangelism events and building relationships within their community. We are eager for the health situation to improve and for the water plant to begin officially operating soon!

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