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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

On average, women and children in developing countries walk 3.7 miles and carry 5 gallons everyday to bring clean water home to their families. This often means missed school and income earning opportunities, not to mention the physical burden of carrying the water itself. If they are fortunate, the water they fetch is clean enough to drink after they boil it, but oftentimes the contaminated water can make them sick. Water@Work's mission is to transform the lives of over 1 million people in the most impoverished parts of the Dominican Republic through clean water distribution plants, business development, and access to the Gospel of Jesus.

On October 31st, Water@Work Ministry hosted its first ever Walk4Water event. An enthusiastic team of almost 50 volunteers from the Cresswind Community at Lake Lanier coordinated the event, which was spearheaded by W@W Board members James Burzotta, Jacquie Waldron, and founder Tom Flaim. The event drew over 225 participants and included 14 corporate sponsors. Despite the challenges that COVID19 and uncooperative weather presented, the walk was safe and engaging, with walkers donning their new W@W masks and t-shirts. Tom reflects,

"The Walk4Water was a huge success, raising $26,500 from walkers, donors, and Water@Work Store sales. It was safe, Covid-friendly, and a lot of fun for everyone. We are putting together a "How to Guide" for any individual, community, or organization that would like to help raise money for Water@Work." 

We hope to have this event every spring and fall and continue to raise awareness about the clean water crisis while also fundraising for new water plants in the Dominican Republic.

We are grateful to all who participated and donated. Special recognition to the corporate sponsors listed below:

- Debbie Cortjens (Solid Source)

- Jacquie Waldron (Jacquie's Pet Care)

- Tim & Tigger Hayes (Hayes Chrysler)

- Lawson Heating and Air

- Gene Bramblett (Keller Williams)

- Jeffrey Sulka (Edward Jones)

- Dave Narey

- Lanier Carts & Outdoors

- Riverside Pharmacy

- Daniels Discovery Tours

- Coolscreen

- Benchmark

- Pazzi's Pizza

- Cornerstone Church

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