OUR Process

Holistically Christian

You can trust this mission is founded in faith in Jesus Christ. From the beginning, each person on our staff or board has felt called by God to serve in the mission of clean water and Living Water. Today, every water plant is connected to the community's church. Often the pastors are the plant managers. Any profits that do not need to be used for plant maintenance are used by the church to reach more people with the Gospel.  

  • Clean water to Living Water as foundational mission.

  • Every water plant is connected to a church.

  • Plant profits fund Gospel outreach.

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Locally Led

You know how valuable it is for a community to have ownership in their own growth. We agree with you! That is why our partner NGO in the Dominican Republic, Fundacion WaterWork RD, is staffed by native Dominicans. They know their peoples' culture and values better than anyone. When you give you can know that it is being utilized through well-advised, local advice on where and how plants can be best implemented.

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Technologically Strong

You may think a mission of clean water and Living Water is great but wonder about the quality of technology used.  Because of generous givers and an excellence-focused staff, each water plant is built with state-of-the-art water purification, reverse osmosis technology to consistently produce clean, safe water. Each plant is certified by the Ministry of Public Health and together produces 135,000 gallons of water each month.


  • 7 complete water business/water plants in-country.

  • All certified by Ministry of Public Health.

  • 135,000 gallons of clean, safe water each month. 

Economically Sustainable 

When you give you are supporting the start-up of a Dominican water plant business. The water is sold below market value so everyone can afford it, but also so the community can afford to maintain the plant and provide clean water for many years to come! Less than 4% of people cannot afford it and receive the water for free.

  • Water business model run by the community.

  • 1,300 reuseable bottles at each plant.

  • Delivery to remote places rather than building more plants.