Today, in the Dominican Republic, lives are changed forever because you (or someone like you) gave. Your gifts are used to build sustainable water businesses that are run by local people.

That includes constructing a water plant, purchasing a delivery truck, and purchasing at least 1,300 reusable 5-gallon bottles for the community to start getting clean, safe water. Sometimes a community needs a generator for reliable power or a well for a reliable water source too.

Regardless, you are pivotal in reaching families with clean, safe water. Even more than that, you are connecting those families with the eternal hope that can be found in Jesus! Thank you for caring so compassionately for others. We want to share what a difference you (and people like you) are making!

Learn more about each water plant community you support and where it's located by clicking on the interactive images below.

Open 10am – 4pm
Volunteer Gardening
11am – 2pm

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