The Fountain

The Fountain is a community of monthly givers who are passionate about using their resources to bless the lives of others. Join the Fountain today to bring clean and safe water to families across the Dominican Republic every single month.


“I support W@W because I have been where they serve. I have witnessed the impact they are making. Living in a batey in the DR is like being abandoned on an island with no water. When W@W arrives, they bring HOPE to the entire community. It is tangible evidence they have not been forgotten.”

Patti Pease

Monthly donor since 2017

Open 10am – 4pm
Volunteer Gardening
11am – 2pm


One of the top reasons people choose to donate through automatic monthly giving is because they can set it and forget it. We all crave convenience in our busy lives. 


No matter what your monthly budget, joining the Fountain means combining your donations with others in order to have an exponential impact, bringing life-saving clean water to those in need. 


Joining the Fountain enables W@W to budget for the year and make sound programming decisions in order to benefit as many people as possible.