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The Fountain is a community of monthly givers who are passionate about using their resources to regularly bless the lives of others. Join the Fountain today to bring clean and safe water to families across the Dominican Republic every month.

“Ever since traveling to the Dominican Republic myself, I have felt called to continue to support the ministry and the incredible work it does. The Water at Work team has a deep passion for being the hands and feet of God, and I feel honored to play a role in providing clean water and the Gospel to those in need. By incorporating giving into my monthly budget, I am able to bless others just as I have been blessed.”

Anne, Fountain Member est. 2021

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When you choose to give monthly, it's automatic! You don't have to remember about making a donation each month. Instead you can set up your credit or debit card on a recurring schedule. That way you can consistently support the mission of clean water and Living Water without any added stress on your calendar.


No matter what you choose to give monthly, joining the Fountain means combining your donations with others in order to have an exponential impact. That impact is what will substantially support growth and future project planning. More and more people will be reached because of your incredible generosity, month after month.


We are so grateful for our Fountain Members! One way we love to say thank you is through Fountain Forums, where we share sneak peaks from the field, project previews, and listen to your feedback. Your generosity is contagious and so we want to share something special back with you!

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