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Your commitment to ensuring clean, safe water reaches communities in need can continue long after your lifetime. By leaving a legacy gift to Water at Work in your will or trust, you can play a vital role in sustaining our mission of establishing water plants across the Dominican Republic and providing life-changing access to clean water for generations to come.

Why Leave a Legacy with Water at Work Ministry?

Water at Work is dedicated to transforming lives through the provision of clean water. With your support, we've built sustainable water plants in communities throughout the Dominican Republic, empowering residents with the fundamental right to access safe, drinkable water. Your legacy gift will enable us to continue this critical work, reaching even more communities in need and ensuring a brighter future for countless individuals.



A Gift in Your Will or Trust

Whether you designate a specific amount or leave a percentage of your estate, your legacy gift will empower Water at Work’s continued mission. Contact your attorney or one of our trusted estate attorneys.

Non-cash Assets

Donating certain non-cash assets like real estate can provide significant tax benefits while providing clean water for those in need.

Beneficiary designations

Your retirement plans, life insurance policies, and annuities can all help bring clean water to communities in need. Contact your financial advisor or one of our trusted advisors. 


If you have any questions for our team, we want to provide the best support for you. Please reach out! Or let us know if you’ve already included Water at Work Ministry in your will or estate plan!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

It is the general policy of Water at Work that all gifts shall be presumed to be for all charitable purposes (i.e. unrestricted) unless there is an explicit restriction. This allows the organization to apply the funds to the most pressing needs at the time of funding.


The information found on this page is intended for informational purposes only. We recommend consulting with a

trusted financial advisor before making decisions involving your estate.


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