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Juan Luis Vilorio

Director of Operations

After being raised in Gaspar Hernandez, at age 18, Juan Luis moved to Baní and started his journey helping different ministries as a Translator (i.e. Bearden Ministries). Then in 2013 he officially joined Water at Work Ministry as community support and later as maintenance and technical support. In 2015, Juan Luis became General Director of Water at Work Ministry and ever since, he has been developing new strategies for the benefit of everyone around him and all the communities involved.


Mariela Donaida Pérez Gonzalez de Melo

Director General

Mariela is mother of three beautiful children and is a faithful believer in God. She learned about Water Work and felt the need to belong to the team as she saw projects where she could help poor communities in her country. She is currently the Vice President of the Water Work Foundation and is in charge of accounting and human resources. She says, "It is a great satisfaction to know that you are helping very poor communities in your beloved country and that Water Work comes to provide you with physical water and especially the water of life that is the word of God."


Rosmery Vilorio Marmolejos

Vice President & Community Development Manager

Rosmery is a faithful believer in God and pursued her university studies at Pedro Henriquez Ureña University. She has a master’s degree student in pediatric dentistry. Rosmery is also an active member in the Dominican Evangelical Church in Santo Domingo. Today she serves as the Coordinator of Community Development at Water Work Fundacion and is a promoter of oral health. She loves to work in the development of the people of her country.


Modesto "Chinito"

Adalberto Melo Peña

Compliance Officer

Modesto is the father of 4 daughters, married, and a faithful believer of God. He lived 20 years in the United States and then returned to his country where he started working in a call center and later as an English teacher in different educational centers. He met his wife, Mariela, at church as well as some missionaries who worked as English interpreters. However, instead of pursuing missionary work he ended up connecting with Water at Work Ministry. Today he works as our Compliance Officer; tremendously helping the growth of these projects.


Jam Rafael Nivar Adamez

Data Analyst

Jam is a Christian, faithful believer in God, a university student of two careers in Business Administration and Computer Science at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and the Caribbean University. Jam congregates at the Dominican Evangelical Church in Santo Domingo. He currently serves as an Accounting Trainer/Project General Supervisor at the Water Work Foundation in the Dominican Republic. Jam loves serving others and especially those most in need. Thanks to the Water Work Foundation, Jam can have the privilege of helping the people of my country and, above all, growing together with the ministry.


Luis Jofiel Henrique De Jesus


Jofiel ensures that all our trucks and equipment are running properly. He also is able to effectively diagnose problems with equipment to develop a strategic course of action and timeline if a concern cannot be addressed right away. He is a valuable asset to our team to keep our water processes moving as efficiently as possible!

Dominican Republic Team

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