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Magante Makeover

If you’ve ever been a homeowner, you know that every once in a while repairs and

replacements are needed to keep your home functioning well. It can be costly, but if left undone, there can be unfortunate consequences. The same is true for our water plants!

Agua Villa Magante was originally established in 2014 and is one of our best performing water businesses (staff pictured).

Because of its remote, mountainous location, the demand for clean water is very high in the area.

Unfortunately, like several of our other high performing businesses, they haven’t been able to keep up with the demand. One of the biggest factors that slows down production is the bottle filling station (it’s the bottleneck!). Each bottle must be sanitized, re-filled, and capped by hand. Generous donors like you funded an automated bottle filling system to make this process much more efficient!

Don’t worry, no one’s job is being replaced by a machine. If anything, the increase in production means we may need more water delivery truck drivers!

According to Carolina Osorio, a member of the local church, she is happy the plant is re-opened because she no longer has to travel far distances to get water. “Now the quality water will be delivered to my home and reach more communities.”

Ultimately, the automated bottle filling system will increase water production which means MORE people will have clean, safe water. That is always the goal!

Thank you for providing more water, jobs, and economic opportunity for Villa Magante.

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