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Caring for Her Family

Maria (pictured left) has three children, Franyeli, Franchesco, and Francis. They live in the western community of Vista al Lago. Maria and her family have been getting clean, safe water from the Agua Ben Water Plant in Neiba for several years.

Before the Agua Ben Water Plant opened, Maria’s family purchased water from

another water business. However, the truck’s deliveries were unreliable.

What’s worse, the water they sold from the truck was very expensive and when her

children drank it, it caused their stomachs to hurt. She was unsure of the water’s

quality and safety for drinking, but it was all she had access to for her family.

Once the Agua Ben plant opened, Maria’s quality of life improved dramatically. She can now provide water to her children that does not make them sick, and she can count on the water trucks to deliver on schedule. Maria believes that the Agua Ben Water Plant will continue to serve her community for many years because of the great need for it from families like hers.

Your generosity makes affordable, accessible clean water a reality for families just like Maria’s. Your gifts fund not only the construction of water plants, but also the trucks and bottles used to deliver this precious resource throughout poor communities in the Dominican Republic. Thank you for making all of this possible!

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