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The WHY Behind It All

I've been in this role as a fundraiser for Water at Work for over three years now, and I love everything about what I get to do.

But sometimes, if I'm honest, the work can feel tedious.

Writing and re-writing grant applications and emails to donors.

Constantly asking people for money.

Researching new streams of revenue to keep our programs going.

It can feel like I'm on a hamster wheel just going round and round.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity this past week to visit our water plant communities in the Dominican Republic (some present and some future) and connect with people we serve there.

That trip was exactly what I needed.

Looking into the faces of the people whose lives are changed because they now have clean water they can afford reminded me of how critical this work is.

Manuel (pictured) is 82 and lives one street over from the water plant in Doña Ana. He welcomed me into his humble home that consisted of one living space and small bedroom. His entire house was smaller than my kitchen back in the States. He proudly showed me the water he receives from the plant and thanked me for making it possible.

But really, it's the donors, the Dominican staff, pastors, and water plant workers that do the hard work to make that possible. What do I do?

I get to fundraise.

To many people, that feels like a dirty word, and I admit that it's taken me quite some time to be comfortable with the idea of fundraising. But now I own it. My husband jokes that my newfound boldness is so uncharacteristic of me.

Do you know WHY I'm bold now?

It's because of Manuel. It's because of the disabled orphans at House of Light. It's because of the Haitian refugees in Boca Chica.

They are the ones I picture when I ask you to give another gift.

I fundraise because it gives YOU a way to take part in God's great Kingdom work. It allows you to make a difference in the lives of others and leave the world a better place. It gives you the chance to show God's love in a tangible way to a fellow image bearer.

And you know what?

When you give, Manuel, the orphans, and the refugee children are not the only ones who are blessed. You are, too. Because it's in giving that we receive and when we bless others when we ourselves are blessed.

So I wrapped up this visit feeling inspired to continue asking, and I hope you're inspired to continue giving.

When I start feeling depleted and discouraged, I know it'll be time to go back for another visit to remind myself of the WHY behind it all.

Thank you for changing lives. I promise it's something you will never regret!

PS- World Water Day is March 22! For the entire month of March, your gifts to Water at Work will be matched 100%. It will be a great time to give!

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