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Trusting the Church

Erick (pictured center) is 12 years old and lives in the community of Villa Magante. He has gotten clean, safe water from the Agua Villa Magante Water Plant for half of his life.

Erick trusts the water from the water plant is safe to drink because it is connected to the church. He trusts the church because it is the house of the Lord. He also has confidence in the pastor that leads the water plant, Pastor Vilorio, as a man of integrity.

Providing clean water is a unique way local churches are reaching people with the Gospel. Plus, Erick knows that drinking clean, safe water keeps his body hydrated and in good health. What a double blessing!

When you give, you empower a local church to provide a much needed service in its community. You’re helping kids like Erick stay healthy physically and spiritually through a church-based water plant like this one.

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