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Wilceni at Work

Wilceni is a hardworking young employee at the Mision de los Siete Water Plant in his home community of Doña Ana.

Before the Mision de los Siete Water Plant opened, Wilceni was studying in high school and had never worked a formal job. Wilceni describes the people he works with as family and is thankful for their helping hand.

Wilceni has been working at the water plant for a little over two years. Your giving provided employment experience for him at a pivotal time. Through his work, Wilceni earns a regular income he can rely on to help himself and his family stay hopeful and healthy.

Today, he dreams of pursuing a degree in industrial engineering. Your giving inspired his passion for this field. A job opportunity at the water plant became so much more to Wilceni than a job. It became an avenue through which he can achieve his dreams. Thank you for creating jobs to strengthen local economies in the Dominican Republic.

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