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You Are a Part of Breaking Ground

Because of you, the water plant project for House of Light has begun!

Magnilia (pictured center) is the Manager at House of Light, a home to 40 children with disabilities in Santo Domingo Este. That is where the next water plant is being built right now!

Everyday she sees the immense needs of these special children. But soon, things are going to start looking a lot brighter for them.

Many of you donated last year to make sure the children at House of Light would have clean, safe water.

Now that vision is coming true!

Currently, a team is breaking ground by clearing and leveling the land right next to House of Light.

In the next few months, the physical building will be constructed, the purification system will be installed, and the water plant team will be trained to operate the business.

These children who already face daily obstacles because of their physical and mental health conditions will have one less obstacle to face.

The children at House of Light will no longer be sick with water borne illness because they have clean water.

Thank you for taking action to care for children who are thousands of miles away!

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